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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Getting Started

What is quiztasy or Quiz Fantasy?

Quiztasy or Quiz fantasy is a sports matchday quiz competition and it can be termed as Game of Skill where you select 11 questions (out of many) and answer them for an upcoming match and compete with other fans for big prizes. Your selected questions carries a fixed points (as displayed in the quiz page), and each correct answer (at the end of match) will get positive points, whereas, wrong question will get negative points , so make sure you make the right choices! 

I don't know how to play, What is it about?

You really don't need to know everything. All you need is to just answer 11 questions which is entirely based on the upcoming match.. As simple as that. You may check out "how to play" for instructions

How to install quiztasy mobile app?

From the front or footer of the page, click on "download app" picture and self install. If there message pop-up with "unknown source app or risk message", allow and continue without any problem. 

How to register using referral code?

Just click on join/signup/register button, and you will see at the bottom of registration with input field "Type Referral code" 

How to Play

How to play if I don't know the procedures?

Playing quiz fantasy or quiztasy is one of the easiest you would come across especially if you are a sports fan. To play or participate in the contests, all you ever need is to choose correct answers to 11 questions regarding the matchday results and some of the stats. It's like ticking MCQs questions in your exam. You may as well check "how to play" page..

Point System

How does point system works?

Every question options carry a fixed points. Those points doesn't change at any stage. Each correct option selection/answer to the question will get full points. However, wrong answer will get negative points. 

For example:

Q. Who will win the match between India vs. Australia?

  • India                                 [20 points]
  • Australia                           [18 points]
  •   Now, lets say at the end of the event Australia won the match.

    In this case two possibilities takes place.

  • Lets say you selected India as the winner, here in this case you will get -20 points
  • And in case you selected Australia as the winner, here you will get +20 points because it's the correct result.
  • In simple term, quiz fantasy is noting more than a quiz competition of 11 questions from the match based quizzes. 

    How often points/ranks updates in the contest leader board of a live match?

    Points or ranking of contest participants gets updated every few minutes in  a live match. It will continuously keep updating or change in ranks until status of the contest is changed to "completed".. Please keep in mind that, even a match that was finished quite a while before may not show status as "completed". Sometimes it may takes a while or more than a normal time of settlement. In that case, just sit back and enjoy. We will ensure it get settled in few hours.. 

    Is there negative points for wrong answer?

    Yes, there is negative points/marks for every wrong answer. The negative points is the one you see points in the option you selected.

    If there is negative marking, then can my total points in the ranking can be negative?

    Yes, your total points can be negative at the end of the contest if you have more losing selection than the winning one. 


    How to I register?

    Simply click on join/register/sign up button at the top or visit at registration and register with filling up all required details. If you have referral code, make sure to input it, else it's not mandatory to fill..

    How to login?

    There is login button at the top / or bottom of events page.. You can login with email & password or username & password.

    what is my username?

    Username are created dynamically during registration.. You can find your username by clicking on accounts->profile at the bottom when logged in..

    How to recover lost password?

    Click on login button, there you will find reset password button

    I forgot the email ID I used to register. How can I log In?

    You can try login with username if you remembered. If you don't remember your username either then please contact our support from support page. We are more than happy to help you..

    How do I change my password?

    Go to account->settings, there you will be able to change your password..

    What is minimum and maximum deposit amount?

    You can deposit maximum of Rs. 200,000 at a time, and minimum deposit of Rs. 100..  However, we may limit at certain times if there was suspicion in the deposit.

    My account is suspended, what should I do to recover?

    Please contact us via contact us page.. We may be able to help reinstate your account, but at the same time we cannot guarantee that your account will be reactivated. There are certain internal assessment we conduct, if, when found irregularities we may either temporarily suspend or permanently suspend the account.

    Why my account is being suspended?

    We take cheating and irregularities(not according to our terms) very seriously. If found misuse of platform and subsequent abuse or against our terms and policies, we may suspend the account temporarily or permanently. If suspended permanently then there is no other way to get back your account. For temporary suspension, you may contact us and let us know your concerns. When you contact us, prepare yourself to provide further documents or strong reasons to overturn suspension. 

    What if I want to close an account or temporarily disable?

    Please contact our support with your full explanation.  We may be able to help you get back again


    How do I deposit cash?

    Click on "add cash" button either from Account->finance page or click on home and click on "add cash"..

    How to withdraw balance to bank account?

    Go to account->finance and click on withdraw button. Complete your banking details (if it's first time), and submit withdrawal request. 

    What is the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits?

    Minimum withdrawal limit is Rs. 200, and maximum withdrawal limit is Rs. 200,000.. You can request withdrawals only twice a day.. Also, note that you can request withdrawals next only after your existing withdrawal request has been completed. 

    I made a deposit but amount didn't get credited to my account after debiting from bank account.

    At times there may be payment gateway issues or failures, in that case you will have your deducted amount returned back to your bank account within 3 working days. If you did not receive even after 3 days then please contact our support with your last 3 months bank statement. 

    I have made a deposit, how long it takes to get credited in my account?

    Deposits are almost instantly, however, if it takes more than 1 hour to get credited please contact our support. 

    I made withdrawal request, how long does it takes to credit my bank account?

    All withdrawals are processed within 3 hours. If you didn't receive in your bank account even after 3 days, then please contact use. We will be happy to resolve the issue.

    Where can I see my withdrawal and deposit history?

    You can view payments history from account->finance. History includes your participation statement.

    Can I use someone else's bank details on my account?

    No, you cannot. Doing so will invite instant rejection and possibly suspension of account. Please make sure that you edit your full name correctly.

    How do I withdraw my winnings?

    All your winnings amount are directly credited to your account balance. From your account balance you can directly request withdrawals.


    How to join the contest?

    You can join the contest by simply clicking on the match you would like to join. Click on the contest of your preference and answer 11 questions and submit.. Please see how to play page for more information

    I don't find suitable contest list in the event, what to do?

    Don't worry, you can create your own contests and also earn contest creators bonus if you create contest size of more than 50 spots. For eg. you want to join contest of 5 spots, then you can create the contest easily, just click on the create contest button from contest page. But just make sure that you join the contest you just created to make it public, otherwise, just creating contest and not joining it will not be published to public. You can find your pending contest (that you just created), in the My Matches -> pending contests section. Once you join the contest, it will be public, and other players can quickly join your contest. 

    What happens to the contests where maximum spots are not filled 100%?

    Irrespective of whether maximum spots are filled or not, it will still stand as long as the number of filled spots are more than or equal to the number of win able spots. That is if the winning zone is up to 10 ranks, and spots are filled only 10 out of maximum spot 100, that contest will still stand. In such cases, prizes will be distributed equally as per the percent of prize distribution you see in the prize break up dashboard.

    How the rankings of participants are made?

    Ranking of participants are made solely based on the points accumulated out of 11 Quizzes. The more points you win, the higher your ranking will be. As simple as that!

    What happens when the points are exactly equal to more than one participant or tie rank?

    In a contest where there is tie in the points or rank, the prize will be equally distributed. In such case the prize won will be average of sum of prize among the tie participants. For eg. if there are 3 person with the 1st rank, and prize of 1st rank = 10000, 2nd rank=5000, 3rd rank=3000.. In such cases, the prize of all 3 positions will be sum of their respective rank prize divided by the number of tie participants i.e 10000+5000+3000=18,000. The sum i.e 18000 will be divided equally with 3 participants. This will results in equal sharing of 6000 each (18000/3).

    Offers & Bonuses

    What is referral bonus?

    Referral bonus is free credit that you earn by referring your unique referral id to your friends. You can use your referral bonus to participate in real contest and win unlimited cash. You get referral bonus credit as soon as your friend or referee register by putting your referral id during registration and make a deposit minimum of Rs. 200.. Both you and your friend will get Rs. 60 each. 

    Note: Referral bonus can be used only playing in real cash contest. They cannot be withdrawn or transferred. Validity of bonus is 15 days.

    What is contest creators bonus?

    Contest creators bonus are given to those who create contest with minimum contest size of 50 or above spots and all those spots are 100% filled. If, in any circumstances or sizes, when the contest participants are less than 100%, then you will not get the credit.  You will earn 1.5% of the prize pool which will be credited to your bonus account. You can then use this bonus to participate in real contest and win cash. Your contest creators bonus will be credited within 24 hours after the contest is ended up to maximum of 72 hours.

    Please remember that after creating the contest you must join the contest to activate it. You can find your pending contests of your's in My Matches -> Pending Contests..

    Note: Contest creators bonus is neither withdraw able nor it's transferable, it's valid only to join real contest and win cash. Validity of such bonus is 15 days.

    Who is eligible for such bonus program?

    As of now everyone is eligible for such program but in future it may change. Until then enjoy these rewarding program.


    How do you ensure Fair Play system?

    In fantasy sports (be it quiz fantasy or team fantasy), fair play is the top most thing to look at. If there is no fair play in the system then it's not worth playing fantasy sports with your hard earned money.

    Keeping in mind all those minute things, we here at quiztasy follow these simple rules: 

    • Small contest size. Small contest size mean everyone can go through what's wrong or right there.. 
    • Continue unfilled spots as it's. We do not use computer program to fill those unfilled spots to cheat real players. If you have been playing fantasy sports in other websites, then you will realize that they will fill thousands of unfilled spots using their computer program bots to beat you.  We, here at quiztasy.com never resort to such unfair means.
    • No prizes are given to winners who use multiple fake accounts or using VPN to hide their identity and join contest with multiple accounts beyond permissible limits. It's not worth trying hard to cheat but at the end not getting the prize. 
    • Suspicious accounts are banned outrights. Do not waste time in trying to trick.
    • Misuse of bonus program and fake documents submission are taken seriously. If found unusual in behaviour, available balance are confiscated and account terminated permanently. 

    One might consider reading our full terms for better understanding..