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Quiztasy Sports


Quiztasy / Real time sports Quiz contests is new and innovative sports gaming platform which is far better and easier to play against likes of traditional fantasy sports (DFS)  where you have to create teams with very limited options or potential to lose all your money. Quiztasy also known as "Quiz Fantasy" is solely created to enhance sports gaming experience and enhance the utility of our beloved coin (Dogecoin). As a group of fanatic #dogers, we are committed to help DOGE gain traction as one of the global digital payment coins in the near future. We all together help DOGE to reach new heights along with creating monetary utility or promote underlying value to the coin just as this. We, as a DOGE community, do this through a collective participations. Every bit of your participation increases the underlying value of Dogecoins to manifolds.

Here at Quiztasy, we have two fundamental objectives viz. 1. Create Dogecoin more utility coin, 2. Create #dogers like you a Dogecoin millionaire through the platform. Through Quiztasy, you could be a DOGE Millionaire or win millions in cash by just putting as low as Ɖ5 to participate in the contest and secure maximum points. In traditional  DFS, your chances of winning big is next to impossible. In fact, you may lose all your hard earned money, however, in Quiztasy, all you need is sports wisdom to come up top of the peers and claim the top spot in the contests. It's a win-win situation for all of us. Either win huge coins or promote the coin utility, thereby value of coin itself.

Quiztasy is created and managed by Grey Mirror International backed by a group of sports & DOGECOIN fanatics who loves to stay one step ahead of it's peers. We, as an experienced team, had made sure that our platform has ZERO cheating tolerance. Our contests size are small and view able by everyone which means there is no chance of cheating unlike other DFS/or sportsbook websites where company play with thousands of bots to make sure you never win big money. 

We promised we are a dynamic platform, so as your experience will be. Reach out to us for any queries, we are more than happy to help you with. We have a representative presence in India & USA. We plan to increase it all across the globe very soon. 

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24, TG Park, KL, IN



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