Dan Christian’s late withdrawal would have thrown many sides off but Notts still topped North Group

Steven Mullaney was still fielding questions about the Hundred with Nottinghamshire’s Blast quarter-final against Hampshire barely 24 hours away. Flicking the switch from one competition to another is not that easy when the media is still flicking it back again.

Even Nottinghamshire, a T20 side to be reckoned with as winners in two of the past four years, were wary about making that instant switch when their loanees to the Hundred reassembled with the rest of a squad who had been consigned to duties for much-weakened sides in the Royal London Cup.

It was enough for the Notts media unit – one of the most far-sighted in the country – to put together a welcome-back video with family members stressing how important Notts Outlaws’ success was to them and how proud it made them feel. “It’s a long time since the squad was together,” Mullaney said. “It was really touching to see how much it means to them and how proud everyone is. It’s going to be a really special occasion.”

Nottingham quickly took to Trent Rockets in the Hundred, with crowds ranging between 11,483 and 13,688, and there will be no fall-off for the Blast – quite the contrary. Advance sales were more than 13,000 on Tuesday lunchtime, a record, putting the record crowd for a domestic fixture, 14,478, tantalisingly close. If the Hundred energises the Blast, rather than overwhelms it, the counties will be mightily relieved.

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