RIP the Super League. A group of 12 “elite” European clubs attempted to start a new breakaway competition only to have it crumble in the space of 72 hours. If it seems like a chaotic blur, that’s largely because that is what the lifespan of the doomed competition ultimately amounted to.

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– Ogden: Super League cabal have spectacularly misread the room

After being announced on Sunday night, by Tuesday night the grand project began to implode as Premier League club after Premier League club started to withdraw in the face of widespread public backlash. Indeed, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea have all begun the process of pulling out, with the other six European clubs (Inter and Atletico are already on the way) not far behind.

With the Super League in tatters, it was inevitable that social media should be awash with reaction from fans around the world, most of whom were revelling in the demise.

The vast panoply of jokes and memes being made at the Super League’s expense were as hilarious as they were brutal:

Russian club Spartak Moscow marked the sad passing of the Super League and its tragic one-day existence.

The final Super League table was also calculated in order to be preserved for posterity.

Some attempted to highlight the positives for certain clubs involved.

While others mocked the misfortune of prominent individuals whose careers would now forever be blighted by unwanted Super League trivia.

Plenty had fun at the expense of Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president who was a key proponent of the Super League’s formation.

Many fans were left utterly bamboozled by the sheer speed at which the relentless football updates kept coming on Tuesday night…

While some likened the chaotic furore to another seismic news story that had been dominating the British cultural landscape this week.

A vocal critic from the outset, former Manchester United defender and now Sky pundit Gary Neville offered a toast to the dearly departed Super League.

Former Arsenal and Real Madrid star Mesut Ozil, a vocal opponent of the plans who is now playing at Fenerbahce in Turkey, had a little fun too.

Several other players had their say, with Man City forward Raheem Sterling perhaps the most concise.

Meanwhile, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique was simply relieved at seeing top-level football delivered from true evil…

Even NFL superstar JJ Watt joined in with the mockery, poking fun at the Super League implosion with a tried and true Grandpa Simpson gif.

Farewell Super League, we hardly knew you.

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